Diamond Engagement Rings - Trends for 2012; Coloured Stones (Part 2)


In this second part of our look at diamond engagement rings trends for 2012 we explore the fabulous world of coloured stones. Sometimes, as the Duchess of Cambridge, we are certain would agree a coloured stone can be beautifully complemented by diamonds or vice versa. Here at Mad About Diamonds we are happy to explore the world of coloured stones, but we are certain that diamonds will always hold their place in a girls heart, diamonds are after all a girl’s best friend.
The second main trend for 2012 seems to be set around coloured gem stones, such as sapphires, rubies and emeralds, as we have alluded to Kate Middleton may have enhanced this trend. Coloured stones are not a new trend and as we have mentioned they have very much been a part of fashion in the past, including the Georgian movement as well as the Art deco movement. However, coloured diamonds have been sported by some of Hollywood’s betrothed celebrities, such as Mariah Carey with her pink diamonds as well as Rebecca Romijn (Mystique from the X-Men films) with her beautiful yellow diamond ring.
If you are however, a fan of a simpler yet dazzling look then please browse our collection of diamond engagement rings. We wholeheartedly believe that even on its own a diamond can offer something a little different, the marquise engagement ring for example offers a quirky shape and yet a classic stone. At Mad About Diamonds we want to offer the best possible service we can, so if you love one of our ring styles but are looking for more of a bespoke engagement rings, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss or services with you.

Posted by SMG