Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings: Clarity and its importance for Diamonds


The key aspect of princess cut diamond engagement rings is unarguably the diamond. The princess cut is very popular at the moment, with its simple elegance and its multifaceted appeal. These rings offer a beautiful and timeless piece, with which to declare your love for your partner. When choosing pieces such as solitaire diamond engagement rings, which feature a single gem, the clarity of the diamond should be the priority. Other priorities include the setting of the ring and the material that it is made from. Like many aspects of fashion princess cut diamond engagement rings are also subject to trends. For example, platinum is the metal of choice for many couples this season. However, gold remains a firm favourite across our ranges here at Mad About Diamonds!

Clarity in diamonds refers to how well the gem catches the light and is one of the key 4 c’s of the diamond industry. The highest quality, in terms of clarity, attainable is “Internally Flawless (IF)” which has no cracks or flaws which impede the flow of light and make the stones more valuable. With princess cut diamond engagement rings, as the cut of the ring is of the upmost importance then the flow of light within the diamond should be a huge consideration. As flaws and imperfections are caused during the creation of the diamond, they are usually present throughout the diamond and as such cannot easily be removed with shaping. If you have any questions regarding clarity or any other aspect of diamond quality, then contact us at Mad About Diamonds on 0151 625 8800 and we will happily answer your questions.


princess cut diamond engagement ring

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