Shoulder set engagement rings: For a traditional engagement.


Shoulder set engagement rings are slightly more elaborate than the more plain, classic styles of ring with one large centre stone surrounded by smaller accent stones to complement and enhance the splendour of the centre stone, if you already have a cut of diamond in mind for your perfect engagement ring the shoulder setting may still be an option for you as the smaller accent stones can look beautiful with all cuts of diamond even solitaire diamond engagement rings.

The fashion of single stoned engagement rings is actually a fairly modern style developed over the past 100 years or so, prior to this and right back to the beginning of jewellery styling and design the fashion amongst the wealthy aristocracy was shoulder set engagement rings, the more traditional designs would include complementing accent stones in a multitude of precious stones such as sapphires rubies and emeralds, so if you are looking for something a little different with a splash of colour the shoulder setting may be the choice for you.

At Mad About Diamonds the centre stone of our shoulder set engagement rings come with a certificate so you know exactly what you are purchasing from us and you can be ensured you are getting the highest quality diamond as we only purchase the best from the world’s top grading labs. If you would like to follow the traditional theme another reason why you should choose us at Mad About Diamonds is that we only sell handmade engagement rings crafted by our professional goldsmiths in our own workshop. If you would like to contact the team here at Mad About Diamonds please call or email on:

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