Solitaire diamond engagement rings: Fears rise in Zimbabwe


Solitaire diamond engagement rings are the ultimate in chic fashion, but diamonds are a controversial subject at the moment around the world as it is believed that conflict diamonds are being used to fund Robert Mugabe’s regime against political opponents in Zimbabwe this is as the elections draw close. Experts believe the Kimberley Press are partly to blame as their campaign to control conflict diamonds has failed.

This past weekend, Anjin Investments, a Chinese-led venture in Zimbabwe in partnership with Robert Mugabe's government, declared that it was now the world's biggest diamond producer, with a huge supply of over three million carats to sell. The company, which thanked the Kimberley Process for its backing, is funding a new military college in Zimbabwe.

Reports from Zimbabwe suggest that Robert Mugabe’s secret police also known as the truly feared Central Information Organisation (CIO), is flush with cash, and has purchased hundreds of vehicles and harmful weapons from China in recent months. Salaries of officers have been increased and thousands of new officers have been recruited and trained, raising fearful concerns that they will be used to intimidate voters in next year's elections.

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Posted by SMG