Solitaire diamond engagement rings; one stone for the one you love.


Solitaire diamond engagement rings are the most popular style of engagement ring, the term, a solitaire diamond is one that is set alone in a unique setting which showcases the stone beautifully, it is literally a solitary diamond, some also include smaller accent stones surrounding the solitaire but the attention is drawn to the one flawless stone. In order to get the most out of a solitaire diamond there needs to be as few inclusions on the diamond as possible; this basically means that the diamond needs to be visually clear as the setting leaves little room for imperfections.

Due to the nature of solitaire diamonds it does make solitaire diamond engagement rings slightly more expensive than your average diamond ring, it also makes it extra special for your loved one. The solitaire stones themselves are usually larger than normal making them visually beautifully appealing, the stones themselves can be cut into various different designs so if for example your bride has been looking at princess cut engagement rings, she could still have this with a solitaire diamond. The very first solitaire diamond ring was designed and created in 1886 at Tiffany’s New York, which in itself carries infinite prestige.

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solitaire diamond engagement ring

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