Why do we buy engagement rings?


Looking back into history, the engagement ring is said to have started with the Egyptians. The common man would give a braided plant material, whereas the wealthy man would give silver or gold. It was thought that there was a special vein in the third finger on the left hand that leads straight to the heart. This is how this particular finger became the perfect one for engagement rings.

During the Middle Ages sapphires, emeralds and rubies where introduced as a possibility for an engagement ring. But still the diamond engagement ring was the stone of choice. The diamond engagement ring was practical as it was strong, it resisted fire and its durability and unending life symbolised a long lasting relationship.

The 18th and 19th century’s saw a huge demand for diamond engagement rings, or practically anything diamond. Diamonds were being discovered in Brazil and South Africa, spreading the diamond engagement ring out of the United Kingdom into new territory.

The floods of diamonds in the 19th century made the diamond not so rare and diamond engagement rings began to decrease in value. This saw the turn of other engagement rings becoming more popular, therefore jewellers turned their main line of business to handmade engagement rings.

The control of diamonds were finally back on track by several different marketing strategies including the slogan ‘diamonds are forever’, using diamond engagement rings as a family heirloom and the film industry incorporating beautiful diamond engagement rings into the big screens. This brought the demand back for diamond engagement rings.

Diamond engagement rings are still extremely popular today and are the perfect piece of jewellery for your loved one. For engagement rings UK contact Mad About Diamonds today on 0151 632 7747.

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